Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is the American Wing of U.S. politics

The American Wing is a site with ideas that are not endorsed by either party in U.S. politics.  The time for arguing about right wing or left wing politics is over.  We all need to focus on the American Wing of politics.  The American Wing will put forth ideas that very few will always agree with.  But, the ideas presented in the American Wing will always be designed with the best interests of America in mind. The ideas on the American Wing will not always be in the best interest of any particular political party, special class, or candidate.  Although, the American Wing will favor the Christian ideals and constitutional limits that were used to maintain and restrain the U.S. government in order to build the greatest nation in the world.

If America does not come together under a common American Wing of political ideology, our society will cease to exist.  America is not a nation united by race or religion.  Some people would even like to take away English as our common language which would divide us even further.  An American political ideology is the only thing that will hold us together.   Currently the American people are splintered along several different lines.  These splintered groups of people are either embraced or demonized by different political parties causing us to fight an ideological civil war.

Pyramid of the Capitalist system
The Capitalist System as described in the early 1900's

If you are on the left wing, you view the Republicans as the party of rich white Christian men.  You are taught to oppose everything that this group of people has every done throughout the history of the country.  You are taught from a young age that anything that was ever accomplished by this group of people was on the backs of minority groups.  You are told that this group of people wants to cling to power and repress every other group of people in the country.  You are told that if you continue to let the Republicans come into power that we will see black churches will burn; we will have a Christian theocracy; women will be forced back into the kitchen; and the poor will be hungry and homeless.  Republicans are painted as racist, bigots, that have absolutely no morals.  They are called anti science, pro pollution, and against the civil liberties of all people in favor of the industrial military complex and police state.

Anti Communist poster
Constant fear forces us to pick one party or the other

If you are on the right, you are told that the left is a bunch of communists that are hell bent on the destruction of America.  You are told that the left wants to redistribute the wealth of all Americans and squander it into wasteful pet projects.  You are told that the poor are poor because they are too lazy to work or get educated.  You believe that the Democrats wants to keep these people poor by supplying them with enough welfare to take care of their basic needs in order to lock up their votes.  You are taught that unions are the biggest problem in American industry. You are taught that the left opposes Christianity at every turn; opposes industry whenever possible;and opposes the civil liberties of all people in favor of lawyers, unions, and government authorities.  You think that the Democrats are the party of the immoral, drug addicted, lazy, criminals, coupled with communist ideologues that want to remake America into a socialist utopia.

 In the end we all suffer and our nation is led astray by substandard leaders that do not keep their promises or work in the best interests of their supporters.  None of our issues are ever resolved because politicians know that division can be exploited.  It is time for us to rise above the political game, and look out for the interests of America.  The American Wing will criticize leaders from both parties.  From President Obama and his failed economic policies to President Bush and his nation building.  

The truth is that most Democrats are not far left communists, and most Republicans are not looking to exploit everyone for higher profits.  It is the American Wing's view that both parties sell out the American people for corporate money and government power.  Both parties are not the same like some conspiracy theorists like to claim, but both parties are in need of serious reform.  There needs to be certain American ideals that both parties can agree on.  If we the people can not agree on these fundamentals of America, then we can not blame the politicians for exploiting our divisions.  Nothing is going to be fixed in Washington until all of the American people demand an American change.  Not just a change in the party that is running things.