Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should America support Liberal Israel

Barak Obama at the Wailing Wall
Obama placing a prayer into the Western Wall

We are constantly told by both liberal and conservative politicians, newsmen, and preachers that America should support the nation of Israel.  We are told that they are God’s chosen people.  We are told that they are our great ally, even though they don’t do much for us.  We are told that we have to protect them from extermination.  Apparently this means that we have to fight their battles for them.  Our politicians are so deep in the tank due to money from the Jewish lobby that they have decided to give Israel $3 billion worth of foreign aid in 2012.  America also gives Israel military assistance and access to advanced weapons.  Israel does work with us militarily, but so does France.  The difference is that I never hear anyone telling me that we need to support France.  America does get some intelligence from Israel, but Israel steals more intelligence from us than we will ever receive in return. 

Israeli Espionage

 "According to a U.S. intelligence agency, the government of Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage operations against the U.S. of any U.S. ally."
A defense intelligence report said Israel has a voracious appetite for information and said, "the Israelis are motivated by strong survival instincts which dictate every possible facet of their political and economical policies. It aggressively collects military and industrial technology and the U.S. is a high priority target."
Given Israel’s strong survival instincts, how can we trust them not to manipulate intelligence that we receive from them?  The fact that they spy on us aggressively shows a lack of respect and gratitude that Israel has in its relationship with America.  Do you think that Israel is going to give us honest information about their enemies when they are busy manipulating us on our home soil?  I do not think so.  I think that they give us hyped up intelligence designed to demonize the enemies of Israel.

America can gather its own intelligence

America should not be relying on foreign nations for our intelligence needs at all.  If we are in desperate need for intelligence, then we should fund the CIA with some of that Israeli welfare that we send over in the form of foreign aid.  It is fine to work with foreign nations against mutual enemies, but why should we want to be at the mercy of any foreign nation’s intelligence?  This isn’t the cold war where we had one common enemy with our western allies.  Great Britian didn’t have to win us over to their cause against the USSR.  In this case Israel reports to us on Muslim nations, but not all Muslim nations are hostile to America.  Jordan is not our enemy, Turkey is not our enemy, Iraq is not our enemy, but they may be the enemies of Israel.    Israel will chant their mantra “never again” to us, stating that they will never again go quietly into the gas chambers.  That is great, but we should never again trust them to feed us intelligence information.

American Jews are Liberal Obama Supporters

It also troubles me that I am expected to support Israel while Jewish Americans are busy tearing our country down.  In the 2012 elections 78% of the Jewish faithful voted for Obama.  So we are supposed to fight Israel’s wars against the Muslims while Jewish Americans are doing their best to push a Muslim sympathizer into the White House.  Apparently Jewish Americans are not worried about Israel or America, so why should the rest of us Americans bend over backwards for Israel?  If the 22% of American Jews that did not vote for Obama want special treatment for their homeland, then perhaps they should get their fellow Jewish Americans on board first.  I am too busy fighting a battle at home against the people that liberal Jewish Americans are helping to push into office to fight Israel’s wars too.  My existence and the existence of freedom in America are more important to me than the physical nation of Israel.  I live in America and you probably do too, so maybe you (whether you are Jew or Gentile) need to put America concerns ahead of Israel’s concerns.

Christian Opposition to Israel as a holy nation

Western Wall Plaza Israel
Western wall plaza at the Jewish Temple Mount
Dome of the Rock also pictured  Jerusalem, Israel 

I am not a Jew, I am a Christian.  Israel is the holy land since God walked the very ground that the country sits upon.  But, my religion does not require me to take pilgrimages to Israel.  I don’t need to kiss a rock, wail at a wall, or visit the Church of the Nativity.  The Jewish temple was destroyed around 70 A.D. and rebuilt in three days as Jesus Christ said.  Our bodies are now the temple of God.  God is with us, and he will not move to some future temple in the Middle East.  Jesus was God’s perfect and final sacrifice for sin; therefore, we do not need any additional payment for sin.  If we attempt to replace the sacred blood of Jesus Christ with some animal blood from a rebuilt Jewish temple, we will be mocking God and spitting in the face of Jesus Christ.   

 Israel is an Anti-Christ nation, and it is no different than any other heavily atheist nation in the world (at least 44% of Israeli Jews are atheist).  Even if Israel was full of faithful orthodox Jews, it would not be a nation of God from my Christian perspective.  The Bible tells us “Whosoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father: [but] he that confesses the Son has the Father also” (1 John 2:23).   This verse does not leave room for interpretation.  Either God is a liar, the Christian Bible is false, or Jews do not have the Father with them.  

 Many Christian leaders want to tell us that Israel is a nation composed of God’s chosen people.  They claim that if we don’t bless Israel, that we will be cursed based on Genesis 12:1-3.  It is true that Israel was chosen from the time a Abraham to bring forth the Messiah and bless the entire world.  That is even backed up in the new testament in Galations 3:16 when Paul states that the promises to Abraham come to fruition through Christ.  The pro-Israel ministers do not offer any evidence for support of the physical nation of Israel from the new testament.

I don’t see any reason why God would side with a nation that denies his son in order to curse a nation composed of the body of Christ.  Is it even possible for God to curse himself, since many of us are the body of Christ?  Putting all of the theology aside, America isn’t looking very blessed these days. We are not receiving much of a blessing from the 78% of Jewish Americans that support liberal Democrats.  These "chosen people" are attempting to remove all Christian influence from our nation’s government and public schools.  They view the constitution as a living document that they can undermine through the legal system.  They also serve evil organizations like Planned Parenthood, the ADL, and the ACLU. 

Giant White House Minora
America is allowed to have a 50 foot Jewish Menorah at the White House lawn,
But the White House Christmas tree is now called a Holiday tree thanks to the ADL/ACLU

I realize that there is another 22% of American Jews and many of them are good patriotic Americans.  They contribute to our society and engage in the fight against the anti-American activities of the left.   My only issues with them is that they want me to support a Jewish nation while I watch their fellow Jewish Americans undermine our nation. We are giving billions of dollars to God’s supposed chosen people in the land of Israel, yet our nation is decaying morally, financially, and culturally.  Where is our blessing for supporting this "holy land"?  It looks more like a curse than a blessing to me.  Does that mean the $3 billion a year isn't enough money to show our support to Israel, or does it mean that the anti-Christ nation of Israel is not the Israel that God is talking about in Genesis 12?

I know that many people will immediately label me as an anti-Semite as soon as they see an article that is not in complete support of Israel.  That is how the left works, and sometimes the right wing takes a page out of the left's playbook.  If anyone criticizes one of the mainstream agendas of either party, that person is going to be labeled as undesirable.  We can not have independent thought now can we?  That might upset the Republican/Democrat balance in U.S. politics.  If we are worried about someone calling us a name, then we are never going to get anything fixed in this country.  These Jewish race baiters are wrong anyway.  I don’t condemn the Jewish people, or wish evil upon them.  I don''t side with the Muslims against them, but I do believe that both the Jews and Muslims follow flawed religions.  I believe that they need Jesus Christ to be saved just like everyone else in the world.  Someone’s Jewish ancestry does not save them from their sins.  If it did then Jesus’ apostles would have remained religious Jews, but they decided to become the first convert to Christianity.  If anything it is disingenuous toward the Jewish people for Christians to pretend that Jews should be held in reverence as God's chosen people when our Holy Bible tells us that they are in danger of eternal damnation.

We should support Israel as an Ally

 I think that America should be friendly towards Israel just like we have friendly relations with France, Germany, England, Japan, Canada and all of our other allies.  This “special” connection to Israel is what gives me problems.  Even if I am completely wrong about God’s relationship with Israel; I am confident that God can protect his people if he chooses to do so.  God does not need America to do his work.  He has an army of angels to do that.  If Jewish Americans want me to worry more about physical Israel’s survival, then they need to give me less to worry about in America.  Jewish Americans need to stop voting for liberal Democrats, and stop working toward the destruction of our nation.  This will allow Americans to focus on the problems of our allies a little bit more.  Unlike the Jewish people, most Americans do not have a special nation set aside just in case our nation falls apart.  We need to protect our homeland here in America more than we need to protect the homeland of a bunch of atheist Jews.  Many of the Jews in Israel are from Russia where they have been brainwashed for generations.  They were at war with us for 50 years, and we are still fighting against their powerful left wing organizations.  Those organizations are working diligently to corrupt the laws that  America's founders used to build our historically Christian nation.