Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The War on Women

war on women rosie the riveter
Rosie the riveter helped the war effort before the War on women

The war on women is really a war on your intelligence.  Every year politicians have to demonize the other party to get elected because they do not have anything to offer.  This year the democratic talking point is the war on women.  It all started when a 30 year old college student and political activist named Sandra Fluke was brought into prominence by Nancy Pelosi.  Fluke wasn't exactly Rosie the riveter, she was just some woman that wanted the government to pay for her birth control claiming that it was a healthcare need.   Rush Limbaugh took the bait and made some unflattering comments about Fluke and the war on women was born. 

bush and mccain war on women
Bush and McCain were never accused of a war on women
To say that the Republicans have a war on women is ridiculous.  The only thing that is shows is how gullible the Democratic Party views women.   The Democratic Party thinks that the level of intelligence of women is so low that they can tell women anything in order to get their votes.    Right now the Democrats know that they are in trouble.  Obama barely beat McCain, a man that conservatives did not support, even though Obama was very popular and turned out the African American demographic at record levels.  This election Obama can not run on hope and change, because he has to run on his pitiful record and economic disaster.  Due to these inconveniences, the Obama administration is showing their cards early.  
communism racism propaganda and war on women
Communists tried to divide America by race and Obama
is still using the same tactics

Obama has played two cards so far in this election season.  We have the war on blacks by whites through the Trayvon Martin case.  A case brought to prominence by Obama even though the case involved a Hispanic man that killed an African American teenager.   Obama wasn’t going to let the facts get in his way and the administration and the state owned main stream media are still promoting this case as white racism against African American children.  The goal of this is to build upon white guilt and turn out the African American vote for Obama.  Operation scare the African Americans and divide the country is underway, way to go Mr. President.

Meanwhile Obama has his state owned media trumping up this war on woman.  Does Obama think that he can manipulate the African Americans as well as the women of this country?  You bet he does!  He sees dividing lines everywhere.   Sex, Race, income, region, sports team affiliation, type of dog that you own,  these politicians have no shame.   And by these politicians, I am not just saying Democrats, but they are the party that is stooping to the lowest possible level so far.  Obama is shameless.  He knows that he isn’t going to get the white vote.  Not because of racism, even though that is what the media is going to tell you.  He isn’t going to get the white vote because white people vote Republican.  This is problematic for a race hustler like Obama because white people cast about 74% of the votes in the last election, which represented the smallest percentage in history.  That means that Obama needs to turn out as many African Americans in last election and still hope that he can fool enough white people with some form of hope and change.  That isn’t going to happen, so plan b is to create a war on women and try focus his manipulation on woman.  I guess that he considers himself some sort of ladies man.
el presidente Obama war on women
El Presidente Obama will do anything for votes

Speaking of Obama’s shameless manipulation for votes, did you hear the news about Obama giving amnesty to a bunch of Hispanics recently?  That isn’t politically motivated at all is it?  He is trying to turn out the vote, and he knows his demographics of choice.  Do you think that he is trying to represent the people of the United States or divide us for votes?   So far he is trying to get a race war going to turn out the African American vote, he is giving some form of amnesty to Hispanics to turn out their vote.  He is attempting to water down the impact of the white vote.   Now all that we have left is the Democrat orchestrated war on women.  The Democratic Party developed this war on women because they know that they need to get more of the woman vote than they did last election.  The African American turn out is not going to be what it was last election.  That election was historic and African American turnout was record breaking as a result.  Obama needs his white women, so he is conducting a war on their intelligence.  He can’t win them over with his record, with his failed promises, with hope or change, so he is going to try to win them over through division.  In order to accomplish this he needs to demonize the Republican Party with his war on the intelligence of woman.  We will find out if he can do it.  I have a feeling that he can.  Not that I have that much faith in Obama’s skills….