Monday, March 5, 2012

Attack on Limbaugh, Conservatives, and Christians

Rush Limbaugh Conservative talk show host
Attacks from the left are nothing new for
Conservative Radio Show host Rush Limbaugh

There is an attack on the free speech of Conservatives and Christians in America.  This attack has been ongoing for years.  Occasionally these attacks will get some media attention around Christmas time.  During the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, atheists tend to target manger scenes and other displays of Christian faith on both public and private lands.  These attacks go mostly unnoticed throughout the rest of the year, but the political left wages war on the freedom of speech throughout the entire year here in America.
When the focus of a coordinated attack by left wing activists is the free speech of a conservative media giant like Rush Limbaugh, all Americans that value their freedom of speech should take notice.  Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, a 30 year old reproductive rights activist that went to Capitol Hill to demand Government funded contraception, a slut.  Rush then compared Fluke to a prostitute since in essence she was asking to public to pay for her to have sex.  Whether that is right or wrong is for you to decide.  Rush Limbaugh concluded that he was wrong and publicly apologized for his remarks concerning Fluke after several of his advertisers removed ads from his radio show.

The story that the media is focusing on is the story about the outrageous comments that Rush Limbaugh made about Fluke.  Then the media and the left in general got all giddy when Rush Limbaugh decided to apologize for his remarks.  I have some bad news for them, when someone is forced to apologize, they aren’t really sorry.  Rush Limbaugh is probably sorry for losing some advertisers, but that is about it.  Those advertisers are replaceable for Rush Limbaugh.  We aren't talking about some back bencher lightweight that is dependent on one or two advertisers.  Rush is in demand.  What the media should be focusing on is this left wing campaign organized by a few websites to bring a boycott against Rush Limbaugh's advertisers. 

Remember when Glenn Beck had a Television show with over 2 million viewers on Fox News?  He started shining a light on powerful liberals like George Soros, Frances Fox Piven, and Van Jones to name a few.  Left wing activists developed a boycotting war against any company that advertised on Glenn Beck’s Fox News program.  Rather than deal with the boycott advertisers refused to support Becks highly rated show and he was taken off of the air.  What we are witnessing here is an organized effort by powerful people to silence their political enemies. 

This should concern all Americans, because when one side is boycotted to silence in this political war it means that the other side is sure to find themselves on the receiving end of a counter offensive.  If you are on the left and you like the idea of silencing Rush Limbaugh, then you need to think a little deeper in this political game of chess.  You are simply a pawn waiting to draw an attack from the powerful forces of your opposition.  Do you think that the right is going to sit idly by as they are boycotted out of existence?  I think not.  

If you are successful in silencing Rush Limbaugh, then we will see boycotting efforts used as a political weapon against left wing organizations.  Imagine a Hollywood boycott by the right.  I don’t think that the movie industry wants to think about that.  Imagine a boycott of any company that employs labor unions.  That wouldn’t be good news for any buy American campaign now would it?  Where does it end?

It should end with recognition that this is America and people are free to speak their minds in the political arena.  If you don’t like Rush Limbaugh, then don’t listen to him.  I personally like what Rush Limbaugh has to say, but I rarely listen to him.  Now think about this, if I agree with Rush Limbaugh most of the time and I don’t listen to him, then why are you listening to him if you don’t like him?   It makes absolutely no sense.  Some people are just looking for a reason to be offended. 

Speaking of those people, it brings us full circle to the attempts to silence Christianity by atheists that are looking to be offended.  Bible believing Christians are silenced continuously in America.  I am not talking about Westboro Christians that receive main stream media coverage continuously as a means to mock Christianity.  I am talking about the normal everyday Christians that have made this country great throughout our nation’s wonderful history. 
Liberty bell bible verse
The inscription on the  Liberty Bell is straight out of the Bible:
"proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the
inhabitants thereof Lev. XXV X

Our Christian heritage is being stripped away piece by piece from our country.  Can we talk about some of the great speeches in history in our classrooms?  Is George Washington’s thanksgiving proclamation taught during our national day of Thanksgiving?  Our current president won’t even give thanks to God in his disgraceful Thanksgiving address.   No one dares to speak about the faith of our founding fathers or their support of the virtues of Christianity.  Those men set up this very government to encourage the free exercise of religion, but now that same Government is the main vehicle for silencing religion.  The Ten Commandments cannot be displayed in a public courthouse, even though those same Ten Commandments are the moral foundation that our law is built upon.  There is no prayer in schools, the very same public schools that were established so that Americans could learn to read their Bibles and understand their American Representative form of government.  

The left wing assault on main stream America is continuing to  a point where nothing is off limits.  If you like Conservative radio, the left wants you take that away.  If you like celebrating Christmas in your community, the left wants to keep you indoors.  For those that don't believe the slippery slope analogy, just think about the Thanksgiving addresses between the historic presidents of the United States and this current President.  We have gone from complete support to family values, to a mindset where conservative Christian family values and our freedom of speech is on the front lines of this culture war.


  1. there is no such thing as a war on christmas or exists only as a figment of your imagination.i would love to see the Right boycott hollywood.when do you think that will begin??

  2. I already boycott Hollywood. There hasn't been a movie in years that I have felt the need to go and see. You forgot unions. Would you like to see the boycott on all industries that employ union employees?